Gutter Brackets

17th Oct 2019

Sometimes the products you can buy off the shelf are just not up to the task. Some manufacturers have cut costs and materials too much. Other times they do not match the look your client is after. We recently made these gutter brackets for a local b... more details

Grain Clean Screens

18th Sep 2019

Want cleaner grain? These are our Clean Screens for John Deere Headers. The ones pictured are for the clean grain auger door assembly & the clean grain and return grain elevator door assembly. They are designed for chickpeas but we can custom mak... more details

Laser Cut Town Signs

1st Aug 2019

We have recently been commission to produce a number of town signs. You can see a few examples here, we will add more as they get erected. We were provides the artwork and we laser cut and fabricated these signs. If you need signage for your town, ... more details

Hammer Mill Mesh

3rd Jul 2019

Here is a new hammer mill mesh we fabricated (on the right). We based it on the original supplied by the client (on the left). The client also needed bigger holes. We laser cut and rolled this mesh. If you need new hammer mill mesh then get in touc... more details

Cipoletti Weir Plate

20th Jun 2019

There is always something new coming through the shop. This week we completed a Cipoletti Weir Plate for Pindara dam. It is 16ml marine grade aluminum router cut and machined. We don't expect you will need one of these, but for any cus... more details

Custom Made Frames

24th May 2019

These are custom made frames for a customer that involved the following processes: Plasma Cutting Machining Drilling and Tapping Fabrication and Painting Contact us to discuss how we can assist your business with precision fabrication.... more details

Custom Ripper and Pipe Layer

14th May 2019

Our customer brought in a bulldozer ripper and asked if we could make a new custom one for a pipe layer. The material we used was 60mm Bisalloy 450 grade steel, which is a hard wearing steel for ground engagement. The photo shows the old one we cop... more details

Laser Cut Property Sign

8th May 2019

Here is a Laser Cut Property Sign we completed recently for a client. Beautiful and strong. Please Contact Us if you would be interested in one of these for your home or business.... more details

Wood Fire Baffle Plate

24th Apr 2019

This was custom made for a customer based on their old top baffle plate. This goes inside the box of your Fireplace. A baffle is important as it creates a barrier between the intense heat created from your fire, and the top of the your wood stove. A... more details

Colorbond Screens Laser Cut

8th Mar 2019

Our latest project is a set of Laser Cut Colorbond Screens. These are privacy screens that sit on top of your colorbond fence. Laser cut to the clients design and custom fabricated by us for their fenceline. Please Contact Us if you would be interes... more details

Laser Cut Sign Glen Innes

1st Mar 2019

Here is a sign we were recently commissioned to make for the Glen Innes Show Society. This garden is to honor their show patrons and the memory of William Hughes. Contact us for any precision cutting you need.... more details

Precision Custom Parts Fabrication

13th Feb 2019

These are custom parts we made for Ambulances. We are a subcontractor, so the parts go to our customer and they assemble them. These are precision laser cut, folded, and packaged for our customer. Contact us to discuss how we can assist your busines... more details