Laser Cut Gas Bottle Cover

9th Nov 2018

This was a custom cupboard/box we did to cover some gas bottles on a house reno.It was made from 1.5mm polished stainless steel !We designed, laser cut, folded and fabricated to the customers spec’s. Contact us to discuss how we can make a uni... more details

Custom Laser Cut Gate

25th Oct 2018

This is a custom gate we did for a property entrance, we made a RHS frame and glued and riveted the laser cut design to it. Contact us to discuss how we can make a unique piece for your property.... more details

Bisalloy Plate Ag Parts

16th Oct 2018

These are after market replacement parts made from bisalloy plate. The customer bought in their old part and we fabricated these for him. If you need help with custom parts for your machinery, get in touch today. Contact Us... more details

Laser Cut Township Sign

19th Jul 2018

We recently completed a sign for the Myall Coast to welcome people to their region. Below is a comment from our customer: Many thanks to all your teams that were involved in putting together our “Gateway” Welcome Sign. I think you will ... more details

Spray Rig Bracket

18th Jul 2018

This is a set of brackets we recently made for a spray rig. Expertly laser cut and folded. We provide these wholesale to an Ag Parts manufacturer. If you need to outsource specialist parts of your project then get in touch. We are Australian owne... more details

Farm Machinery Part Fabrication - Seed Bin

23rd May 2018

A customer bought the part pictured on the right in from their seed bin. We fabricated a new part identical to the original. We used stainless so it will not rot out on him again. If you need help with custom parts for your farm machinery, get in to... more details

Stick Rake Tines

16th May 2018

These are 25mm bisalloy, custom designed for a customer for his dozer. If you need some custom parts for your project get in touch. Contact Us... more details